1964 - 2014
Faded black-and-white
photograph, original working
Automotive car body welding line
JAC old engine production > line
JAC current small-displacement engine production line
JAC earliest Research & Development (R&D) Center-simple three floors with a lot of R&D talents brought up
The new JAC R&D center
Drawing boards, three-edged rulers, simple tools wrote the history of JAC
One corner of modern JAC R&D center
The painting of truck was in the open air, and this was the model worker- Xu Jixian
Robot automatic spraying
Learning knowledge in the simple classroom
The current JAC University
FSmall equipments
6000 tone pressing machine, one shot press for heavy duty
truck’s longitudinal beam
The old foundry
The modern foundry KW horizontal parting static
pressure molding line
The whole JAC products before 1995
Parts of JAC commercial vehicles were showed in 2014 Beijing Auto Show
The old assembly line
The modern sedan base’s
assembly line
The simple residence
JAC current residential area
In those years, sledge hammer, electric welding were the main tools for us to conquer difficulties
Nowadays, JAC owns many robots production line
Fighting floods and earthquake, providing relief are JAC tradition
Fighting floods and earthquake, providing relief are JAC tradition
The old small workshops located in the current front axle third workshop
Current front axle third workshop
In 2002, overseas distributors visited JAC
Ten years later,overseas distributors visited JAC
In the early of 1990s’, JAC participated in China automobile exhibition
In 2007, JAC exhibited in Shanghai Auto Show
JAC first workers ‘games held in JAC 30th anniversary
JAC Group workers' games held In the late of 1990s
In the past, traditional operation-one person with
one machine
Current automatic pressing line
In the first half of 1998, more than 100,000 units sales celebration
2010, JAC has produced accumulatively 200,000 units’ vehicles
In the past, it was assembling area
Now, it is the engine staff working, resting and learning place
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