1964 - 2014
In April 1968, JAC first vehicle was born
In 1980s, JAC exported its first batch of light trucks to Bolivia
At the beginning of 1990s, 6700 coach chassis developed by JAC filled the gap of Chinese coach chassis
In 1995, JAC started its first Audit Review
In 1996, the assembly site of JAC first 1061 truck
In 1997, JAC Group was founded
On July 21st, JAC passed 9000 quality system certificate at the fist time
In 2000, JAC exported 380 units of vehicles of Turkey, entering European market at the first time
In 2001, JAC A share was listed
In 2002, JAC first MPV-M1 rolled off the line
In 2004, JAC foklifts were
In 2004, Japanese experts joined in JAC
In 2006, JAC light trucks joined in the army
In 2006, JAC Charter was announced
JAC first overseas Research & Development(R&D)center
was founded
In 2006, JAC started to produce sedan, and this was JAC first sedan rolling off the line
In 2010, Ankai electric coach was firstly put into Hefei bus demonstration operation
In 2010, JAC was honoured as National Quality Award
In 2011, JAC new energy vehicles were firstly put into market
In 2012,foundation stone laying ceremony of JAC Brazil joint venture was held
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