1964 - 2014
JAC truck teams reported its success to Anhui Province government
In 1990, JAC worksers used spare parts to knock bricks
A special tested coach sis photo, can you find out the people you know
In 1993, JAC made its breakthrough of anuual production over 10000 units at the first time
By now, JAC has established 7 hope primary schools
Drums beating means that JAC was listed
JAC trucks started its mass exports
M1 received 1200 orders from General Administration
of Customs
JAC S1 drove across Long March road and returned in triumph
JAC sedan production base laid a foundation
In 2006, JAC 10,000 people got together for the annoncement of JAC Charter
The 10,000th Ankai coach rolled off the line
JAC M5 was selected as Chinese 60th National Day marching vehicle
JAC 2,000,000 th vehicle rolled off the line
JAC first public day and the public showed great enthusiasm
JAC auto clubs formed Chinese word of horse to welcome the coming of Chinese horse year
1,000,000th engine rolled off the line
JAC signed the agreement to export electric vehicles to
JAC worker was honoured as the most beautiful automobile
In May, 2014,JAC Group fourth group wedding was held
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